Seduction,Liberty,Travel and Theatre

New Art Photography from my series Ready to Wear / Work in Progress. Below some info on how this is done


I use old advertisements that I find usefull. I search for them in a pile of very old Vogues, back from the days when I was still working as a stylist for some Dutch fashion magazines. I guess once a stylist always a stylist but in my case: Never a Fashion Victim!

How it works: I take the paper with the cutout in one hand and have the camera in the other. Because I cannot see what I am doing, the outcome is always a surprise. I sort of go into the image itself. It’s a kind of theatre play. Mammah once told me to take acting lessons…Nice idea, and in this case I finally am, by using these skills in my images.
The flashlight is visible on almost every image. This is the signature for me that everything is being made by hand. I could retouch them in photoshop but I have chosen not to.  Retouching would brake the spell and the magic would disappear.
Note: Image No1  had to be taken in a different way, it became to acrobatic; hands,camera and a pair of gorgeous legs… So I glued the ad on a piece of foam and hereby made both hands useful.

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