Work in progress- Queen Bee

Queen bee, or better a tiny story on the bees that are slowely mooving away from our daily lives as crops are being poluted on the land and all kind of poison is around on modern farmland these days. These little friends need all the support they can get. While we are slowly,oeps sorry, rapidly distroying all the beauty around us. They are part of the circle of life. We need them and they need us.

Honey is such a gift


Honey is something that takes so much time and effort to create


When I walk into a dutch supermarket these days honey is still on the shelf. But if we keep going on spraying our land with chemicals it soon will not be out there for us to enjoy anymore. The only thing I can do is draw the friends and buy biological honey.


So…this is the current drawing I’m working on,and as you can see the Art classes/anatomy lessons I’m taking at the moment at the Universaty of Amsterdam are not yet helping me. It all takes time, and a good eye, and concentration.

If you like gardening,as much as I do,and love others who are making effort to keep the green around us check out this current video I found.This guy is amazing !

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