Under water mushrooms


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  1. They are just beautiful: simple, elegant. It’s sad that I don’t find myself drawing that much anymore: repetitive drawing of a single subject is a great way hone skills, but also discover new innovations within that theme. Maybe I should spend more time on Facebook?


    1. Bente such comments are so stimulating, really! Thanks.
      p.s. I went to see the Astrup Fearnley museum in Oslo, they had a big selection of photography ;),I really enjoyed it. Also nice whas the fact that the guards in the rooms are willing to give you a lot of information about the artists work. You do not really have that here in Amsterdam. Thanks for dropping by


    1. Hi, haha I think we should have them in the big waters were they belong that’s the best place! drawing them is for the human kind 😉 thx for dropping by


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