Under water symphony

Fineliners on Paper 50x65cm

Drawing and listening to Ella Fitzgerald…

Today’s illustration

p.s. I have no idea were all this is going. . . book illustration,cd cover,gallery…I guess the most important thing is that it is happening and that I feel confident about this, and that’s always a good sign. In the meantime I am looking around for exposure outside my home (and that’s a tough job these days. . .)


16 Replies to “Under water symphony”

  1. Hi Belinda, and WOW! This is a great idea! Ella Fitzgerald is your muse! So, have you decided where all this is going yet? If not, no worries; this alone is wonderful!

    On another note, sorry I haven’t been in touch until now. I thank you so much for liking an earlier post of mine from this past winter, “Winter Barns”.


    1. Karen, Thank you! You know…I took a big pile of huge drawing paper with me to Madagascar, but I just could not find the peace and focus to get anything on paper out there. After some time I did use my tiny moleskin and made some sketches after all. Guess that a camera and making illustrations whas a bit to much to explore together,during my traveling. But, my hands will be getting itchy, being back home again.


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