6 Replies to “I got this note…”

  1. Brilliant! I love that the sentiments are almost the opposite of Facebook — “diving deep” for art, whereas Facebook usually doesn’t encourage diving too deep.

    (I also like your tags for this one!)


    1. I have waved at you while being on the island and I think I saw you waving back at me 😉 For the time to come, I will be posting my reportage work and at the same time I’ll be working on getting the Art images(picking up my color film tomorrow) ready for a show. It’s good and bad to be back. But..it has certainly convinced me to start heading towards the main land of Africa somewhere in the near future.

      Just some inside info for you to read.
      Have good day
      kind regards,


      1. I was wondering what art is going to flow from the factual, actual journey. Looking forward to the art! Africa is big, in more ways than one. I’ve always wanted to visit Ethiopia. I heard a tale that the Ark of the Bible is kept there. There are churches carved from sheer stone and earth, into mountains, into the ground below …


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