Huge bird passing by

Images from Madagascar


As I’m looking at her through my lens and a few minutes later change the Nikon for the Hasselblad to also use my color slides, this vezu girl, 15 years young and so gorgeous, is quietly listening to some songs on my I-pod. Songs I wrote and sang about a year ago.

As this is happening, all of a sudden, I hear a plain coming by. Air Madagascar is flying in on thuesdays, once a week. This  means. . . Means What excually? What is it, that she thinks when we both turn our heads and look up at the sky. Looking at this huge bird filled with humans. . .



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  1. Lovely photos, PS….I love your comment “Weeds are flowers, too once you get too know them”. I’ve always thought that too! Thanks for stopping by my blog…Evie


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