In my own fog

illustrations I made up there in the sky.

I took some note books with me while flying above or walking around in a different country on my own. I had planned to make illustrations, but I  was to occupied with using my camera. Instead I’ve excually been writing alot. But…I did make some notes that you could consider illustrations in a way. Things, tiny random thoughts that came to mind and needed to be written down for some reason. I made these while waiting for a plane or being on a plane. Airflightdrawings…putting my thoughts on paper in the clouds. (Antananarivo-Europe)

I’ve decided to post them and added a translation, for as far I’m able to.

The gravity to show personal thoughts…

DSCN0025 copy

DSCN0032 copy

DSCN0031 copy

1DSCN9993 copy

L: Wings – No birds to be seen in This city…Oke, well…sometimes a pigeon, or…a chicken, in the middle of the street. R: To have – a bar of soap, once a day, something to eat. a warm planket for if it get’s cold at night. a listening ear. A smile from a stranger. The sun.

2DSCN9994 copy

Smoke – I take another one…the bang on my lungs…people have told me…I listen…But, do I really listen? The power and the force of a bad habit…Tomorrow I will quit she thinks

3DSCN9995 copy

Brother – And…then you think you have a brother. Then you think you’ve finally met someone with whom phisical contact is not of any importance. And…and then..You suddenly hear that he has left his wife and kids and is looking for you, and all of a sudden this brother is not your brother anymore, because in his mind the friendship has become phisical – I am looking for a sister!

4DSCN9996 copy

You – He asks me nothing…He tells me nothing…He hardly mooves…And I…I ask, tell & moove. And when he does talk (mind you: not speaks) He says;  The most important thing in my life is you – Well –

5DSCN9997 copy

Plastic – everywhere! In the water. On the street. In the sea. In a small river. In my yogurt. Big bottles and small bottles -Algae are holding on to it, or better, they  have attached themselfs – China – thank you!

6DSCN9998 copy

Blank – You can allready see them coming in the distance… Why they jump out of the crowd is hard to say. A wooden way of walking, maybe? But for sure,for sure blond hair…When they are born here, or when they work here…Only then they don’t consider you as an object to stare at.

7DSCN9999 copy

The stomach is growling – Chicken, zebu and fish in all sorts of colors, sizes and flavours…Tomatoes,cucumber,carrots,watercress, coriander and sometimes mint…pineapples, mandarins, bananas, passion fruit in many sizes, fruits I do not recognize…papaya,lemons and now since a few days strawberries…Beans,beans,beans and beans – A dog has been hit on the head so hard that he’s only able to look down. Above his head a cloud of flies. Probably the dog was thinking about these first written down lines.But…they don’t like dogs that much…

8DSCN0002 copy

If – if I need a taxi,when I walk the streets. If, if I need sigarettes, when I blow out some smoke. If, if i want to give money, when I set one step out of my front porch in the capital.    The only place where nothing is asked of me, is at the market stands where they sell used plastic items. It seams to be clear that I do not want to buy those. Sometimes…sometimes I count how many times someone asks me something during 15 minutes…sometimes that’s 15 times.

9DSCN0004 copy

Is this a great shopping destination? Fleur asked   No comment!

10DSCN0005 copy

Silence – I think that that’s something that doesn’t excist. And at the same time something I sometimes am so in need of. It’s probably more a question of; What kind of sound would you like to hear?

11DSCN0006 copy

Strange…the feeling you get…when…when evrybody is staring at you

12DSCN0007 copy


13DSCN0008 copy

Spounge – when you are houngry and you still have 4 waiting hours ahead of you while waiting at an airport for you return flight to Europe, or l’exterieur as they call it here…Never order a pizza!  a bottom like a muffin.

14DSCN0010 copy

Bottoms (asses) -or excually Bottoms this way while taking a closer ‘look’ at it. A sprite…and w8ing…A huge tv in the distance, A music channel…video clips…And everything, everything turns around/is about – you know what I mean; asses ( bottoms) Where are those fantastic art video’s from back then in the 8ies?!

15DSCN0011 copy

Khartoum – We are turning   still 4289 kilometers to go…and now…direction Akasha… The outside temperature of the plane is -38celcius. Direction > Alexandria…(tiny correction) Over the river Nile. I can not clearly see the land below me. Dark read/brown…mountains…We, we are so high up in the sky..

16DSCN0012 copy

Benghazi…and now direction Italy   and crossing the mediterranean sea…. We are going 855 kilometers per What? A night flight… On one hand, nice because time flies by quickly while sleeping. On the other han; When you have arranged for a window seat

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