Work in progress

My serie Qua’d Neuf is finally framed. You can see the complete serie here

Also, a demo print of the digital collage; it’s in the water, it’s where you came from and the final print is in the making. I am excited about it, it’s going to be framed, also using museum glass, and the whole thing will have a length of 150cm! The original see here

As for the images on the walls, it’s a good thing to have them printed out, plus a great way to look at your own work with a critical eye plus it makes you select them easier. These are a few of the reportage I shot on independence day in Morondava. 








Book info click here, and important film that goes with it here

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  1. I’m glad to see the exhibition is coming together. I remember some of the photographs from your previous entries and am enjoying the ones I did not see. Very much good luck! Hope the French comes to the party!


      1. it’s a good crazy size…when I took a look at the demo print, I missed a lot of details in the image. it needed to be bigger. the company who does the framing will start on this on thuesday, adding museum glass, and that makes such a difference to.


  2. Congratulations – this looks like an enormous project. Beautiful and intimate photos rather than photographing ‘them’ you have managed to bring the viewer into the frame.


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