Goby desert

Sepia is such a romantic kind of film I find.


This one excually needs a projector to see me being silly with a stranger in the motorcycles mirror.


A see through during breakfast.


The clouds in this part of the world, I mean…it could just be the Only reason for a travel to lovely Mongolia.







Having a ‘you-are-welcome-here’ drink from a tiny cup. So nice a stranger took my camera to remember me of this moment.


Looking into the top of the home where I am staying in.


My new neighbors.


Two korean girls I met along the way. And again those clouds…


Sharing the view with a stranger in a train heading for Ulaanbataar.


Note: When I moved to Portugal some years ago, I remember I took my dearest colorslides with me in a tiny box. My 6×6 and 35mm. I have lost them during this travel. My most dearest ones. I wanted to have them with me, wherever I would go, not knowing what the future might bring. Now back in my home town, the thought of this loss still keeps on haunting me. It’s something I have to accept. So…what you see here are a few of the ones I left behind in Amsterdam. These are now all in a safe.

The others are gone with the wind…





8 Replies to “Goby desert”

  1. how awful you lost your slides…I can’t imagine losing my photos. I did the same when I came to Brazil, brought my dearest ones with me and left the rest in a box at my sister’s home. THanks for sharing ~ peace, Jason


    1. Make it reality if you can! the colors there are so gorgeous, and the people…so friendly, and the culture…I mean look where it is on the map; Between Russia and China!
      Save up and I’d say, start from where you are in India, go Nepal and then take a good train ride! 😉
      Oh and allmost forgot; You must blog about it!
      Good thoughts


  2. Mongolia is somewhere I have to see. It’s been a wish for as long as I can remember – but – I want to travel there by motorcycle and so far the timing hasn’t been right. One day ….
    How awful to lose your slides – I can imagine it feeling as though a part of you is missing.


    1. Hello Noeline,
      I hope that you will be able to travel to this country be it with or without your motorcycle.
      Maybe you can find a motorcycle there? who knows. Kind regards


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