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    1. It’s nearby Ihosy. At that time a very dry and quiet area where not a lot was going on.
      I remember I was happy to find a place to stay. A cabin made out of brick and mud with only one bed, where I saw cockroaches the size of cigarette lighters (this is amazing for a girl from the North of Europe). Today that has all changed. Most folks do not come here anymore because it’s said to be unsafe. (the British embassy tells tourists to skip this road). The RN7 takes you to Ilakaka while passing Ihosy. In 2001 this village town did not even exist! It boomed from a tiny village to the epicentre of the sapphire trade several years after. A sort of gold rush happening and attracting a lot of nasty people/traders to. I used Scala film and hard to find these days.
      And about that moment; the man on the right thanked me for taking that picture.
      He even said; Yes, make your people see this! For he also understood that smoking at that age and, in general, is not a good thing.


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