it’s out there for You to grab in an instant!

A night shot.


It’s completely dark.

The road I’m standing on has no streetlights it’s really dark and I have my tripod with me and my camera (two lenses) tucked away in a bag on my back.

It’s around 10 in the evening and I am standing where I put the red cross, in thé picture here below.


This is an unsafe place to hang around at this hour, but I have told myself during daytime that I need to take a picture of these oil tanks. The fact that they are so close to the beach, and that is gets so damn hot during day time is just to much! You know, the idea of having these two tanks filled with oil in full sunlight, getting So extremely hot makes me think of a bomb. A bomb ready to go of. During daytime they sometimes use a water spray to take away a bit of the heat. But I wonder…It’s an automatic instalation. This stands in such contrast with it’s very poor locals who pass by everyday. A brick wall divides this private area between the road and the sea side and the gorgeous mangroves hidden behind these oil tanks. To me it’s  a bizarre and surreal spot. It really is.

So…during daytime I’ve asked a boy I met the other day, to meet me in front of the tanks around 21:00. I need someone with me because I want to make some portraits using my tiny torch I bought on the market a week ago, and I think I need a ‘protector’ at night. For someone needs to be there to guard my camera while I stand in the middle of the road, having my timer running and making several shots.

Sometimes a car comes by…Sometimes a hooker… These are the outskirts…The thing is, in these kinds of places…it’s dark, at night. But in reality I think it’s dark literally and figuratively (if you know what I mean). I’m drawn to these places and God only knows why. And while writing all this I think that one of the interesting things about having a digital camera, in my case a Nikon D600. (Although it costs a fortune, you, for real do have something good to use!) is nice to work with. Because it’s digital, you can try a lot of things without having to go to a store to let your film being developed. And I must admit, it does save time and money. For you have a direct result of an action.

Recently I see a lot of images of night photography and long exposures these days. On the net, word press, but also in galleries. Much more compared to a few years ago. It’s the digital area we’re living in today.

Below you see what it looks like during day time…


Something else… On my private Facebook account I’m linked to this guy. His work is gorgeous! Give it a go, it’s good stuff and it’s so nice to see where night photography is taking him. Okey, so, in fact, talking about the universe… that moon up there and all those planets that we try and try to get closer to, knowing that it has been there for ever and it is now there for us to capture in an instant! In the way we like to look at it. In the way we Want to look at it through our frames on our camera’s and sometimes, the way I like it: printed.


In the image below I’m obviously just fooling around


and some more experiments below…Look at the green light!

belindaclaushuis-the real thing

Walking  with the torch in my hand below (overexposed)…


Reflection on the land here below…


These are just tryouts. I wright down what I’ve done and think about how I could use this info in the near future. I love to put it on manual and control the button. I know that there is an automatic timer, but I like to switch it of and keep pressing the button as long as I want, feel it! and then let it go, when I think that enough light has entered the machine. Oh well…personal stuff. In case of the top image, the first one in this post, I kept holding that button for around 30 seconds, and used 6500 Asa. The light distance is on 11.



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  1. Thank you for your educative post! I just can’t wait to get delivery of my tripod to try out some of these experimental stuff!! And, thanks for pointing out Mikko’s page…Oh, btw, I simply love the last two images, and also how you created the ghost images! 🙂


  2. WOW! I love that first playing with light image — the three (two?) guys with that burst of light and the night surrounding them. I’m jealous… 🙂


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