No title / illustrations – paper-cutouts June 20 14

Fine liner on 300 grams paper / 50x70cm




13 thoughts on “No title / illustrations – paper-cutouts June 20 14

    1. Well what I most of the time use are two other sheets of the same paper, and then make a ‘sandwich’ The thing is that it can not be bend, for it obviously is to fragile… so it has to stay flat… I have them in a huge map that I can carry around, with a hard board cover, and a strap to hold it. Thanks Petru ( it’s fresh work, the last one, I finished it 2 hours ago)


    1. Well knowing me a bit, probably yes 🙂 At the moment I am working on words instead of lines. It’s a certain feeling I have when I make those cutouts, but there will be more of those in the future.( it all needs to come out) I loved your rock formations! really, Really nice!


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