The missing parts II

My mind is a labyrinth. Although I had been working on portraits these last few days, I took a look at one of my last weeks illustrations; ‘Missing parts’. The drawing in witch I show several lines being attached to each other and red dots showing a centre. I had cut out parts of the paper to put more pressure, if I may call it like that, on the lines, the connections that I made with my fineliner. I thought about the title again, and the meaning of it…Then while having my morning coffee, I looked at yesterday’s newspaper lying next to me, showing terrible headline news, and I thought; What if… and What is missing? What is missing here? Where are the missing parts in this? And if I find them, can I make them strong and stand out in some way? So I went to get today’s papers at the station nearby and bought The Times. I started reading it. Then I stumbled upon a tiny article, and suddenly saw it; the missing parts.

As also in my drawings, I see what I want to see. Like for instance the self-portraits that I made of adds in fashion magazines. It’s the same thing. The same kind of way to look at things. It’s not what the ‘head’ of the mainstream wants me to see, but it’s what I see. Me as a tiny individual figuring out these parts… These, to me, these-so-called-parts-that-are-missing. To me, they are strong. Very strong.










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