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Photographs showing Newspaper cut-outs from my series The Missing Parts


I must say that I am very pleased with this one..and the fact that I was able to find so many Oh’s in this one article brought me a huge smile. But, to give this work a meaning for the outside world, or how to explain what it is that is going on here…that’s something else. I personally always like to leave that answer floating somewhere on the surface because; Is it not so, that when you have found a definition of something, the search ends in a way? Because everything is clear at that point and you just move on? I think it’s far more interesting to stay in the search for as long as you can, and go wild in the exploration. For really, is there an explanation for this, or a true defenition? Is it Poetry or just plain cutting in paper; paper cutouts? Mmm… I obviously want to read something else in these news articals…does that mean I am cocky? Wanting to read between the lines and refusing to take in that what is really written down? Is it that I am walking my own road, and try to find that text that is very meaningful to me. I mean, it could be that I am looking for words of salvation..who knows.


This particular news artical that I found in the British TIMES is about spending a holiday in a luxury resort. For some strange reason we, or must I say; They, have the impression that when surrounded by luxury or spending time on a extreme location slash setting, one can feel a rash of total satisfaction. And to me, my dear reader, This is not the way. I believe, that if you want to feel the glorification of the life, and want to come back to the calm inside of you, you simply have to look around you and observe there where you are right now. To take in, and again Observe, the awareness, ‘to be aware’, ‘het bewust zijn‘ as we say in Dutch. And then, only then you have and can find true luxury. This world we made, and are living in today, is for many living the fast life. Offcourse a change of location sometimes can fresh up your mind, and give you a different or new approach to your life or things you have to deal with, but still…


So why am I making these paper cutouts…The thing is, well at least that’s how I see it, is that when you’re completely in your own planet so to speak, and you’re free in your mind, a more personal approach occurs to the work. (This is when I am at my best). And, isn’t all work made by artists personal? Is it not all a reflection of who we are (click), what we believe in, and how we see the world? I think so. These series; The missing parts, is about a great love for words. Poetry in a way, Yes. And, reading between the lines is what it comes down to here. That is what’s happening in these newspaper cutouts. Reading between the lines and feeling fullfilment in being an artist for, if lucky, I sometimes find my way of expressing in a way that suits me.


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‘Discover the star and Ohm’

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This image here below ( different shades/colour and focus depth ) I posted so You have a chance to see the whole thing together because to have a total shot of this cut-out is not possible with the camera lens that I am working with, meaning; To have All the letters sharp and readable ( the depth in the lens ). So, there fore I shot the one below with my tiny Nikon. The main lens that I work with has a totally different focus, seen in the images above. But that’s enough about the camera, it’s not that important. it’s the art that counts, not the camera equipment. That’s the technical part, and not artistic if you ask me.

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