B&W photo’s plus landscape art

Plus some colour at the end of this post…

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I decided to let my creativity loose again and made another of those ‘shell objects’ like the one yesterday. I was pretty surprised that the whole thing I made yesterday was still intact the morning I arrived at the same spot. It was excually when I started the second one that I noticed that the seagulls where picking out the crab legs and going through the seewead (; . This way of ammusing myself also seems to be a nice way to meet people, as folks pass by and stop to take a look at what you are doing, or take some photo’s like the one here below; send to me by mail this morning by some stranger who asked for my emailadress and that’s kind!).

I am talking to some folks who seem to be attrackted by the object and are in for a tiny chat. The other ones I took myself at the end of the day.


Image taken by a stranger, and later send by email
Image taken by a stranger, and later send by email
Image taken by a stranger, and later send by email




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  1. Wonderful. How did you do the shots so close to the seagulls? They use to be very cautious and not approximating near people.


  2. great pictures, I love BW pictures, but the flowers on the beach are beautiful too. greetings from Belgium


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