Frida Kahlo pop-up book

The thing is, I just cannot het enough of her. As I followed some art classes this year here in Haarlem, (and I know now, that I wil never be a full time painter for sure!) But… The subject at one point was; make a book, a comic book excually. So I made one, but I could not resist making another using a white permanent marker on see-through and black paper and having Frida as my subject.







FDSCN9958 copy





FDSCN9965 copy



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  1. I really like the use of the transparency that helps expose the mysterious things you find about her and her life. Really great!


    1. Hi Carol, Thanks! I was happy myself to when I thought about transparant paper 😉 the symbolic thought to that…Love your work lady! keep it coming
      kind regards
      p.s. your fourlegged plus tail friends look happy, really cute.

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  2. That is so cool and impressive ~ a very creative and impressive piece of art that is even more impressive as a book and a special gift/art.


  3. very cool, I have written a poem about Frida Kahlo at my blog, I admire her very much.


  4. I found a letter she wrote to Diego leaving him right before one of her surgeries that made me love her even more last month. That work is beautiful!

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    1. Cheryl! Thanks so much. I had so much joy making the thing 😉 thnx for ketting me know! ( loved those trees in your post 😀


      1. You did a wonderful job. It is so unique and I can feel the love that went into it. You are a true artist. A lot of people can turn out pretty things over and over. But making one of a kind pieces like this is a talent.
        Yes, glad you liked the trees. They are so magnificent.

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