in a field

is where I am standing again. So..I made another one…trying to be more free with the brush. In that sense, I’m trying to let the brush do the work. Not think that much, just instinct. it’s a different set-up this time, as I wanted  to work a bit more on the background before going into the details (what I like best). Plus, I found a nice way to paint around a flower, that means that I’m also cutting paper.

The question that comes to mind now is; When do I stop. As in; How full do I want it to be, where do I draw the Line? oh well, let’s see














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  1. Truly beautiful drawings, and I like how you say “I’m trying to let the brush do the work” as this is similar to the Daoist thought of getting into the zone. Where we do nothing, but let the situation instead dictate what needs to be done. When I photograph or write, there is nothing better than finding that place where the camera (or pen/keyboard) does all the work 🙂

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