or something that looks like it in my fantasy… I made a change by starting with a sketch using color pencils, having the paper on the wall, and not on the ground. Normally I don’t draw in advance. Ok. I’m also trying to hold on to those new-found techniques. To see what will happen. I realize later, that the first setting (color-pencil)  is a No-go, as I can not delete the bad pencil lines with aquarelle, for it’s all see-through-paint. The thing is that as soon as I start, I cannot stop anymore with drawing, while it should only be a sketch. I gotta work on that but try to cover it up anyway (finding solutions). Below you can see what it looks like now as I am still working on it.

Filling in empty spaces..creating new ones…and using 180 gram paper now.












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    1. Thanks! It feels good. Allthough I have to keep concentrating on not going into the details that fast…the confrontation with that is something else 😉 Thanks for the feedback! 🙂

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