is what it’s called. Trying to find my signature in all of this. Trying to find what it is that I think should be put on paper. And thinking; maybe wall paper? or stick with tiny illustrations, frame it and put it on Etsy? Or printing? stationairy? I gotta make my mind up, or maybe I’m just going to fast. Practise first. But the huge paper!…I’ve always been interested in interiors, And flicked through so many books/magazines…feeling other spaces…And never stopped looking at all different kinds of wall papers…Oh well…If I go into the back of my mind, there’s this eggshell I once painted back when I was a child. It shows a tiny village surrounded by a forest, all the way round. And today I’m asking myself; maybe that’s the egg. ‘Is that the egg ?’ Always all those questions…

The blue ones here below are illustrations ready to send to the people I met in Italy this summer. Using the village as subject and enjoying the creation of stars in the sky.




Plus, I’m trying to see what it looks like when I start painting a fantasy face. I do think the paint is put on to thick, for I would have liked more see the hair for instance. I am not using the water color paint for what it really is…Being very critical…


And then there is the latest stuff…the huge papers…(What have I got myself into). At one point, I had the need to make small lines, sit behind my table for a change (not on the floor), and use small paper, focus a bit on that. Then,  when I look at the fantasy plants here below, I’m thinking it could be nice to start a page like that. Like the letter ‘O’ surrounded by leaves as in; “O”nce upon a time, in a tiny village…something like that.



So today also a tiny peak into the head of Belinda. For now I can tell you; I’m working on it 🙂


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  1. I enjoyed looking at your art, Belinda, and I especially like your leaf patterns! So pretty! Thank you for allowing me a tiny glimpse inside “Belinda’s” head. 🙂 I look forward to more art from you!

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  2. Hey Belinda! Thank you for liking my blog post! I am SO humbled that an artist like you an your GREAT work on this blog, would like my art of photography. Follow/Come back soon! Light and Love, Shona

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