And so … the dragonfly told me

to try that drawing again with the lady at the tiny pond.


And so I did. I realized that using different kind of tools – pensil, paint and marker, also means that you have to think about the set-up before you start. It’s kind of like: playtime is over, if you want to create that what is in your head … I would have liked that the leaves that are in front of the body, would not be see through, as the red line of her curves are still to be seen through the paint. So, I have to find a new way …






Below the final one – and the first bad try-out at the left


The dragonfly came to visit me yesterday morning. Amazing the colors and huge to! And as I took a closer look, I realized that I never knew that her wings start at the centre of the back, like a tiny vulcan that grows all those see-through-lines called wings…

“I learn every day”.

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  1. Very cool. Enigmatic. The unknown answer to the question of what is she looking for, what will she find. Her clear nakedness surrounded by profusion of colour and complexity. Potent contrast. Just great. 🙂

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