Still five to go

40x60cm/220gr. Fineliner on acid free drawing paper.




I had read somewhere, that one of the last white rino’s had recently died and that there are still only five alive. After I finished this one an hour ago, I realized that the white rino has two horns, instead of One. Pfff. But I decided to post it anyway, because, either way you look at it today; it could turn out like that One day, and I am not afraid of also showing my mistakes.



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  1. How sad to hear that news. There is also the Indian One-horned rhino. Thankfully there are still some 2000 or so of them (although more would be better). I had several encounters with these animals in Chitwan National park in Nepal. Big and quite scary at close quarters!

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  2. What terrible and sad news… It’s truly heartbreaking. Your drawing is just beautiful, and inspires me to create an artwork for the rhinos too. Thank you.

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