the mind

After finishing my last one, I got myself a big piece of paper at the local art supply store here in the centre of town. I also changed my fineliners from Staedtler to Rotring. For it turnes out that Rotring ink is far more darker and has more black pigment.

It started with a sketch I made of a bird…and I was also hungry for drawing flowers. After each day, something new, like a certain kind of depth or a new story had arrived on my paper. I’m surprising myself each time with all that is hidden in the mind. And here, sharing it with you.

122x165cm Fineliner on 300gr. paper











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      1. Yes and it’s a great experience. Most recently it happens sometimes when putting together a slide show of an activity or trip with friends. Sometimes it’s a real effort and other times it’s like I’ve been possessed by a friendly spirit and I know just which photos to pair which type of transition to use, when to zoom in or out or pan and what sound track to use and all of this just comes flowing out effortlessly.

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    1. Miss Schnitz…drawing in myth, I have not thought of that before. it’s a good vibe to think about! thanks for your kind words and a smile back at you.

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