Under water

Waiting for better weather, some sun please, my easel outside, and stick the sheets on that. Then I do not have to spend hours on photoshop, like now, because the light inside the home is just soo gray for I’m digitalizing all my illustrations and ‘therefor’ in need of some clear light. At the same time, I want to continue my drawing. Ok, One thing at a time I guess, cause this just has to be done.


Here below is one I made just before January. (Still one to go from ’15 and then some experiments with acrilyc paint, when I came home again). I also decided to make my first Facebook Page  Thinking; OMG &,; I have to go forward! Nice if you’d click that button 😉 & thanks if you do.

“Under water” Fineliner 400 gr. paper 122x163cm






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    1. Oh Carrie, thanks so much really. and…thx also for that other click. so neat your page out there. is it evening there? if so enjoy yours 🙂


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