Untitled painting No.1

Note: It might look like a crazy jump, all of a sudden, go to paint after the illustration “With a hat“. But my paintings are also part of where I am going and I needed to make them to find my direction. Also I need to post them here so that there is some sort of ladder plus record to be seen, not only for you, the viewer, but also for myself. I’ll be showing them in chronological order. It’s part of the process. You and me, looking at how I grow. So the next few posts are paintings.

2016. The first one I made. Experimenting with acrylics and ecoline inks. Several layers of paint. Looking at forms, what they do, and what I can add or leave out. The drippings (ecoline) underneath the white layer of paint came from shaking the paper on-the-floor in directions that pleased me. When dried, it’s been put back on the wall again to add more details with acrylic.

  • Transition. Making my own universewith my mind in the now. 
  • 122 x 165cm on 400 gram paper








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