Untitled painting No.2

2016. The second one. Again experimenting with acrylics and ecoline. This time filling up a waterspray, I use for my indoor plant, but this time with ecoline ink instead of water. I needed to see the smallest dots and added some bigger ones my self. Under water plants and tiny universes.

  • In transition. Making my own univers with my mind in the now.
  • 122 x 165cm on 400 gram paper.












5 thoughts on “Untitled painting No.2

  1. Thanks for this intriguing post.

    I saw a show a few months ago where the artist had done about 100 little ( 6×6 ) abstract paintings in a similar free and experimental manner. I think by setting each of the small images apart in its own frame she really pulled in the gallery visitors to slow down and focus on one at at time, while still impressing us with the large variety and scope of her work.

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