No.3 Landscaping

2016. As I started to find the effect of layers, this happened. Eagles eye. In the back of my mind asking myself, do I want this to continue, painting instead of pencil or fineliner. Is this That need? Do I find my freedom in this. Always all those questions. I made some photo’s on my phone during the process, to see what I had been doing (click to enlarge). When I finished I thought; Yess I understand what I’ve done, but I need to grow more.

  • Transition. creating ‘a’ univers, with my mind in the now
  • 122 x 165 cm acrylics on 400 gram paper






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  1. I honestly don’t know what is but I know what I imagine it to be and I like it. I especially like the sense of perspective I get from it.

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