No.5 Window

2016 paintings

Discovering that I have a thing with stones, circles and round objects. Looking at shadows, are they the right colors and again, what do I want to stay and what needs to go, and especially: Why. Underneath is a previous painting, useless. But I kept a small part of it, the part where I used the waterspray again. In this one I feel very strongly, that I have the need to illustrate, obviously. Below 4 images taken with my phone during (click to enlarge) some close-ups plus the final one.

  • “Window”  122 x 165cm acrylics on 400 gram paper






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  1. Studying the colour wheel will help a lot. Many of the stones are pink in hue, so within the shadow you’d want to mix the complementary of the pink, it will probably be some kind of light green I think, to mix it with the tints you are already using. It will bounce off the pink and will make them seem floating even more.

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