No.7 ‘It’s always bigger than you’

Finding my way through the colors and looking at shadows. Plus, I feel that I have the need to go Inside the landscape. So, also looking at lines underneath the thing. It was quite a surprise as this one, like the previous one, also started in a completely different setting. Colors and a more flowery sort of thing. The moment that I decided to paint the hole thing red, what I learned from ‘into the blue is a good learning process for looking at the color tones. In a way it becomes a sort of black and white issue. The trick is to stop at the right time. Adding to much, I’ve noticed, can ‘close’ your work.

And then there is depth. I added two tiny people, both on a different rock and close to the ‘water’. And because of that oh-so-tiny detail, the rocks become bigger. That’s when the title came to me. For me, I feel that the soil in this painting is very hot, a lava sort of thing. and, I’m loving the red. But still have to learn a lot. Below some iPod photo’s to see the process (click to enlarge), and the final one below.


  • ‘It’s always bigger than you’  122 x 165 cm acrylics on 400 gram paper










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