“Lithos Magnes”

I’ve been quit busy lately. Visiting an art fair in Paris, galleries, and building my own website plus, the most important; keep on creating. A lot of things all at the same time, and they are all good! Below my latest work.

Info: I’m starting to come out of the paper and am using different kinds of materials to get my message across. As with every drawing, I start by cutting the preferred size, put in on the wall and start to draw. But with this one I very soon started building a 3D city down below. And while I was at it, already half way…working on 160 grams paper, I thought about transport. There was no way I could get this thing out of my studio without damaging it. To fragile, this because, I couldn’t roll up the paper anymore. I somehow found a way (do not ask me how), with the city already attached, to paste it onto 300 grams aquarelle/watercolor paper. I used black ink to paint the sides of the wooden frame and then used pins for attaching the paper.



Method: I covered the rock made of stone with gold leaf, it’s delicate work. Glued to this ‘golden~rock’ is a tiny magnet. At the backside of this drawing is Another magnet that ‘holds’ the ‘golden~rock’ at the front. They correspond and are detachable. It’s very important for me that there is a front, a back and a space in between so to speak. This is also the reason why the big circle (with the knife) has some space between the background and itself. The red ‘sowing’ thread I used, is one long line that is kept together with a tiny knot at the beginning, and one at the end. The city is build by cutting paper with my scalpel knife, making tiny dots with my white marker and using rapid-gel on foam or the paper itself to attach it onto the background.






Materials: 23.75 Karat ‘Rosenobel’ Gold leaf sheets _ 160 gram colored fine art drawing paper _ 300 gram water-colour paper _ small rock _ small music box _ sowing thread _ small kitchen knife _ two corresponding magnets _ 16mm nails _ foam _ rapid glue _ photo spray glue _ white marker _ ink _ color pencil and a wooden frame.

Lithos Magnes”

Width 150 x Hight 200 x Depth 20 cm

Belinda Claushuis 2017



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