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  1. I agree having another person to negotiate the mundane world is helpful to an artist. The writer Gertrude Stein had her Alice B Toklas, Jackson Pollock had his Lee Krassner and so on. The mindshift one has to make in order to ‘blend in’ is quite enormous and it can take one a while to get back into a creative frame of mind. Solitude becomes a friend – sometimes. One has to give up a lot, as you said. Don’t give up on approaching galleries. Even perhaps approach your local library? A restaurant? An arty or Indie bookstore? Something to put on your CV at least. Good luck.

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  2. Your work is so beautiful and so personal — I love your line-drawn form (above), supported by white pencils…it is narrative in image, rather than word. I don’t have any answers. I write in solitude as well as with supportive partners. I attend a drawing class and then draw alone in our local cafe. I have “sold” nothing, am uneasy about trying. I think we all have an audience, somewhere, that would/will appreciate our work. But seeking them out, removes us from our creative space, which in and of itself is a challenge. I apologize that my thoughts are so scattered. Your words struck a chord with me, that I am still sorting through. In the mean time, though, may good fortune find and keep you!

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  3. Hi Belinda, great, original work again and great post. There must and will be a place out there where your work will be appreciated and (re)presented. Don’t give up, there are plenty of examples of well-known artists who got many rejections, before “landing” somewhere. There will always be people who misunderstand, and don’t care, that’s the risk of putting yourself out there. Maybe the real you and blending in, doesn’t need to be seen as such a contradiction. I understand what you’re saying in my own experience. Best to let the real you shine, and I’ve come to accept that sometimes blending in is necessary for the greater good of your life. Maybe there is a way you can do it, without doing too many consessies to yourself. Good luck!

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