Box size H30cm x W30cm x D22cm

| Self-portrait with fineliner | Pencils | Foam | PVC |


DSC_5729 kopie

DSC_5725 kopie

DSC_5720 kopie

DSC_5721 kopie




DSC_5754 kopie




2 thoughts on ““ASCECE”

  1. I agree having another person to negotiate the mundane world is helpful to an artist. The writer Gertrude Stein had her Alice B Toklas, Jackson Pollock had his Lee Krassner and so on. The mindshift one has to make in order to ‘blend in’ is quite enormous and it can take one a while to get back into a creative frame of mind. Solitude becomes a friend – sometimes. One has to give up a lot, as you said. Don’t give up on approaching galleries. Even perhaps approach your local library? A restaurant? An arty or Indie bookstore? Something to put on your CV at least. Good luck.

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  2. Your work is so beautiful and so personal — I love your line-drawn form (above), supported by white pencils…it is narrative in image, rather than word. I don’t have any answers. I write in solitude as well as with supportive partners. I attend a drawing class and then draw alone in our local cafe. I have “sold” nothing, am uneasy about trying. I think we all have an audience, somewhere, that would/will appreciate our work. But seeking them out, removes us from our creative space, which in and of itself is a challenge. I apologize that my thoughts are so scattered. Your words struck a chord with me, that I am still sorting through. In the mean time, though, may good fortune find and keep you!


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