“You’ll never come to Dorset”

Taking a second look at the latest drawing I made. A second look because now that I found a new work space and have daylight light instead of lightbulbs projected onto my work, I start seeing all kind of new things that are good plus; I also see errors. It’s extra work that pops -up and it’s a boost to focus even better on that what I’m doing. So, I’m working on finishing this one – work in progress – and at the same time focussing on a new series that do not include thé pencil. I will be showing them in my next post.



Medium: Pencil, marker, paint, nailpolish and thread.
Size: 200x150cm / 160 gram Noir Canson paper.
Contemporary drawing | Belinda Claushuis | July 2017









  • My new studio/atelier situated in an old monumental convent-in the centre of town


7 Replies to ““You’ll never come to Dorset””

  1. Love the new studio! Space and light enough to grow in! It’s still your summer now I think. Heating up that space during Europe’s cold winters is going to be a challenge!


    1. The red thread is connecting. The red thread brings one point to the other. The red thread is thé invisible line that is made visible. The red thread is also to be seen in the works: “Lithos-Magnes” and “Furcula”. More info on Facebook – @realitypaper. Starting with the posts posted from the 7th of June/’17. FB link is at the bottom of this page.

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