“ITOKAWA avant la lettre”

Itokawa is an Apollo and Mars crosser asteroid. A rubble pile made out of fragments that have cohered over time. A contact binary formed by two or more smaller asteroids that gravitated toward each other and got stuck together. Having read the stuck together part gave me more answers during the making of this drawing. It made a lot of symbolic sense to me. We never really know, where we come from. We just try to blend in and then get attached to the memories and connections with others. ‘It’ then finally finds a new place, or even better; a new Space. A space somewhere in our minds and therefore also somewhere in our harts. And in my case…also on paper. Below some close-ups and the final one is best to be seen up close when you click on the image and then click again for zoom-in.






‘ITOKAWA avant la lettre’

200 x 150 cm graphite and color pencil on 200gr. paper

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