is what it’s called. Trying to find my signature in all of this. Trying to find what it is that I think should be put on paper. And thinking; maybe wall paper? or stick with tiny illustrations, frame it and put it on Etsy? Or printing? stationairy? I gotta make my mind up, or maybe I’m just going to fast. Practise first. But the huge paper!…I’ve always been interested in interiors, And flicked through so many books/magazines…feeling other spaces…And never stopped looking at all different kinds of wall papers…Oh well…If I go into the back of my mind, there’s this eggshell I once painted back when I was a child. It shows a tiny village surrounded by a forest, all the way round. And today I’m asking myself; maybe that’s the egg. ‘Is that the egg ?’ Always all those questions…

The blue ones here below are illustrations ready to send to the people I met in Italy this summer. Using the village as subject and enjoying the creation of stars in the sky.




Plus, I’m trying to see what it looks like when I start painting a fantasy face. I do think the paint is put on to thick, for I would have liked more see the hair for instance. I am not using the water color paint for what it really is…Being very critical…


And then there is the latest stuff…the huge papers…(What have I got myself into). At one point, I had the need to make small lines, sit behind my table for a change (not on the floor), and use small paper, focus a bit on that. Then,  when I look at the fantasy plants here below, I’m thinking it could be nice to start a page like that. Like the letter ‘O’ surrounded by leaves as in; “O”nce upon a time, in a tiny village…something like that.



So today also a tiny peak into the head of Belinda. For now I can tell you; I’m working on it 🙂



or something that looks like it in my fantasy… I made a change by starting with a sketch using color pencils, having the paper on the wall, and not on the ground. Normally I don’t draw in advance. Ok. I’m also trying to hold on to those new-found techniques. To see what will happen. I realize later, that the first setting (color-pencil)  is a No-go, as I can not delete the bad pencil lines with aquarelle, for it’s all see-through-paint. The thing is that as soon as I start, I cannot stop anymore with drawing, while it should only be a sketch. I gotta work on that but try to cover it up anyway (finding solutions). Below you can see what it looks like now as I am still working on it.

Filling in empty spaces..creating new ones…and using 180 gram paper now.












in a field

is where I am standing again. So..I made another one…trying to be more free with the brush. In that sense, I’m trying to let the brush do the work. Not think that much, just instinct. it’s a different set-up this time, as I wanted  to work a bit more on the background before going into the details (what I like best). Plus, I found a nice way to paint around a flower, that means that I’m also cutting paper.

The question that comes to mind now is; When do I stop. As in; How full do I want it to be, where do I draw the Line? oh well, let’s see















Showing you what I have been doing yesterday and today. It’s a big piece of paper and heavy (300gr.) This feels good. It’s as if I am standing in that field. I have never really worked with watercolours…aquarel I mean, but mainly acrylics so, it’s some kind of a new challenge. I started another one just now, trying to work more on the background (first layer of paint), and try to be more free with the brush and not trying to be that neat. Let’s see.