Photography – Drag Queens

Photography/paper cutouts

Note: I do not want these jewels/fashion/items and I certainly don’t need them. It’s just a way of showing what I see.

Info: I have a huge pile of old fashion magazines, mainly vogue’s from the time I was still working as a stylist, a long time ago. I had not looked inside them for ages, and for some reason haven’t binned them yet (paper recycle off course). Hungry for images and hungry to create, I grabbed a few and flicked through them…One of the things that stroke me and made me think, these last few years, is the way we are letting our brain being washed by commercial advertisements. The need for a so called absolute beauty, considered by those behind the big brands, is becoming very disturbing and pushy in many ways. The men and woman that are photoshopped into these adds apart from the slogans have a kind of absurdism I find. This is when I grabbed my camera.

With these images I want to show what it is that I see, when I look at  these adds. And that it’s Not what the publisher or brand wants me to see. It’s my vision, my own Brainwash.


Photography/paper cutouts/2013






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  1. I can’t even look at magazines any longer. And the fallacy that even men want all that perfection is absurd as well. For a sincere guy it is very intimidating, not to mention that it is now gone over to affect men as well! Six packs, spray on tans, whitened teeth. I loved your idea! Everyone in those photos is real, but not exposed.


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